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Undisturbed connections.

We explore human experiences where digital and physical realities merge. We are driven by an ambition to make people thrive and advance beyond their screens - while still being connected to everything digital. All we really want is to make people see what matters, when it matters.

Unique product. Unique team.

Unique product.
Unique team.


Having worked inside brands like Apple, Samsung, Philips, Mykita and Lindberg, Even Realities colleagues have a broad spectrum of expertise in optical display technology, optometry, design and manufacturing.

with world-class
medical professionals.

Dr. Qu Jia, Honorary Doctor at New England College of Optometry and former President of Wenzhou Medical University, is leading an ophthalmology team specializing in visual brain processing, myopia control, and contact lenses.

He and his team collaborated with our engineers to ensure G1 eyewear provides eye protection that is scientifically validated. They helped Even Realities set a new standard in digital eyewear, through advancements like free-form optics, adaptive frame design, multiple astigmatic axes correction and multi-layer coating technologies. They also provide reassurance that the natural floating display and optimal viewing distance protect the eyes, even with prolonged use.

Endorsed by world-class medical professionals

manufactured and packaged with less waste.

Digitally controlled, innovative manufacturing techniques create G1 with such precision, material waste is reduced by a third.

Our eco-friendly cardboard packs are 100% recyclable.

So light, you'll forget you're wearing them.

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